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Adolescents 15-17
Adults 18+

50-minute sessions with a licensed therapist.

Telehealth and In-Person. Office in Mancos Colorado.

All treatment is individualized to each client. Together, we work to best determine what pathway to take towards growth and healing.

Therapy is trauma 

informed and culturally sensitive, with a foundation of evidence based care. 



In-person group therapy courses that span around 5-7 weeks, focusing on chronic illness and chronic pain.


These groups utilize skills based around the brain-body connection with Somatic Psychotherapy, and understanding the brain and behaviors with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).


50-minute telehealth therapy sessions for people who are seeking letters from a licensed therapist for gender-affirming care and proceedures.


Neurodivergent affirming therapy consists of individual telehealth sessions that are adjusted from the traditional therapy experience to fit individual needs.


Common neurodivergent clientele include adults with ADHD and Autism. 


Psychoeducation courses focusing on Relationship & Sexuality Education for People with Developmental Disabilities, using evidence informed, trauma informed, and LGBTQIA+ friendly curriculum.


Best suited for schools, Residential Treatment Centers (RTC), and Therapeutic Boarding Schools (TBS). 

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