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Neurodivergent affirming care is a form of adjusting the therapy experience to effectively assist you. 

We are not trying to 'fix' your Autism or ADHD; instead, we will work to better understand your brain and behavior, engage with creative coping tools, identify hyper/hypo-sensitivities, and find your strengths and struggles when it comes to executive functioning skills. Fidgeting, stimming, multi-tasking, eating, drinking, support animals, adjusting session lengths, self-scheduling and sensory breaks are welcome!


After the initial intake session, we also are happy to accommodate inter-personal burnout and attention spans by breaking the traditional 50-minute therapy into two 25-minutes sessions - both parts scheduled within 10 days of each other. Please note that therapists are licensed per state and you must be attending telehealth sessions in either Colorado or Utah.

Pricing- $135 per 50-minutes of therapy

 Private Pay, Lyra EAP, and Triad EAP Accepted

Insurance is not accepted, but we are happy to provide monthly Superbills for clients to submit themselves to their insurance providers.

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