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Alpenglow Therapy:
Mental health support to see your world in a new light

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Our mission at Alpenglow Therapy is to provide quality evidenced-based mental health care that integrates a body-oriented approach with psychotherapy in order to help individuals find relief from physical and emotional distress. 


Alpenglow Therapy aims to empower those who are often overlooked by the medical system and society.

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality and compassionate evidence-based mental health care. We are dedicated to helping clients reach their goals that are tailored to their individual needs.


Alpenglow Therapy welcomes and celebrates diversity in our clientele and is committed to creating a safe space for everyone to feel accepted, empowered, autonomous, and respected.


Anna Pierotti LPC, CMHC

I am the owner of Alpenglow Therapy and passionate about mental healthcare outreach. I am a licensed therapist in Colorado and Utah, specializing in chronic illness, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, neurodevelopmental disorders, chronic stress and more. I am trained in the unique challenges that come with these conditions and committed to helping you find relief and improved quality of life. I take a holistic approach to therapy, focusing on physical, mental, social and emotional needs. By using evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques, I can help you manage your symptoms and improve your well-being. I am passionate about helping my clients find the strength and resilience to cope with their challenges and live a more fulfilling life.


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